August 8-9, 2020

Garveyism, and the renewed cry for Afrikan nationhood!

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About The Event

In commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the UNIA’s “First International Convention of the Negro Peoples of the World,” a collective of grassroots organizers and Pan Africanist organizations will host the RBG Centennial Conference. The virtual convention’s theme is “Garveyism and the renewed cry for Afrikan Nationhood.” The RBG Centennial Conference will feature 70+ speakers, representing more than 60 organizations from 20 countries. The conference will also feature 50+ workshops, including panel discussions, virtual performances, and vending. Organizers are using #RBG100th to educate and bring attention to the legacy of His Excellency, the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and the work of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A).


The U.N.I.A. originally commenced the 31-day convention on August 1, 1920, at Liberty Hall, New York. Africans from across the globe participated in this significant gathering to determine the future of Africa and the African Diaspora. Regular sessions were held throughout the month, and were attended by approximately two thousand delegates, from 22 countries. The highlight of the 31-day convention was a mass meeting held at Madison Square Garden, with more than 25,000 attendees, that was preceded by an exuberant parade.


Under the banner of the Global Commission for Afrikan Sovereignty, Garveyites from around the world are continuing the work of their ancestors. 100 years later, we are once again calling on the best hearts and minds of our race, to virtually convene on August 8-9, 2020, to examine, and celebrate the past 100 years, and plot our course for the next.


We call on all those who have held fast to the sacred principles of race first, self-reliance, self-determination, self-defense, and nationhood, to join us on August 8th, as we carry on the work of His Excellency, the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. 




August 8-9, 2020, Saturday to Sunday

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Event Schedule

Day 1

August 8, 2020
10:00 Am EST

Conference Opening

    • “Grand Rising” Performance by B Dot The God
    • Pouring of Libations
    • Tribute to our ancestors
    • Singing of the “Universal Ethiopian Anthem” by Tamu Mazama
    • Statement of Welcome by Brother Omowale
11:00 Am EST

Plenary 1 | Strategies for Building the Nation

Speaker: Brother Leader Mbandaka; Alkebulan Revivalist Movement

The Spiritual Legacy of Marcus Garvey

Speaker: Mambo Dr. Ama Mazama; Afrocentricity International; Per-aat

Ritual Acts of a Sovereign People


12:30 Pm EST


  • Lunch
  • Performances
  • Word from our sponsors
1:00 Pm EST

Break out session 1

Closed event | Must purchase “main room & breakout session” ticket and pre-register. ***Limited availability***

2:00 Pm EST

Plenary 2 | Sublime Order of the Nile - Induction Ceremony

2:45 Pm EST

Breakout Session 2

Closed event | Must purchase “main room & breakout session” ticket and pre-register. ***Limited availability**

3:45 Pm EST

Plenary 3 | Strategies for Teaching the Nation

Dr. Kamau Rashid

Tribute to Nana Hannibal Afrik; The Exemplar of Afrikan Self-Determination

Sister Stacy “Nzinga” Hill | Moderator

Panel Discussion: Education for Self-Determination

  • Dr. Molefi Kete Asante; Panelist
  • Dr. Joyce E. King; Panelist
  • Brother Akil Parker; Panelist
  • Brother Ismael Jimenez; Panelist
  • Obi Egbuna Jr.; Panelist
5:15 Pm EST

Breakout Session 3

Closed event | Must purchase “main room & breakout session” ticket and pre-register. ***Limited availability**

6:15 Pm EST

Plenary 4 | Economic Strategies for Developing the Nation

Dr. Jared Ball

Addressing the Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power

7:15 Pm EST

Plenary 5 | Organizing Strategies for Liberating & Repairing the Nation

Queen Mother Mashariki Jywanza; female national co-chair of N’COBRA

Reparations Now!

Nkechi Taifa | Moderator

#FreeEmAll – A talk with our political prisoners

  • Mama Janine Africa; MOVE9; Panelist
  • Baba Dhoruba Bin Wahad; Black Panther Party; Panelist
  • Baba Sekou Odinga; Black Panther Party & Black Liberation Army; Panelist
8:45 Pm EST

Closing prayer

Day 2

August 9, 2020
10:00 Am EST

Reconvening of Conference

  • Pouring of libation
  • Special tribute for Afrikans killed by police terrorism, across the globe
  • Voices from the Diaspora – Update regarding police killings/genocide of Afro Colombians
10:30 Am EST

Plenary 6 | Strategies for Defending the Nation

Dr. Tyrene Wright | Moderator

Addressing police terrorism, at home and abroad

  • Obi Egbuna Jr.; Panelist
  • Lamont Lily; Panelist
  • Farida Bemba Nabourema; Panelist
  • Kamau Franklin; Panelist
  • Richard Raw; Panelist
12:00 Pm EST


  • Lunch
  • Performances
  • Word from our sponsors
12:30 Pm EST

Breakout Session 4

Closed event | Must purchase “main room & breakout session” ticket and pre-register. ***Limited availability***

1:30 Pm EST

Plenary 7 | Articles of Self-Determination

Okunini Obadele Kambon

Global Kemet and the Kemetu project

Omowale Afrika

The Path towards a unified Kemet

3:00 Pm EST

Plenary 8 | Strategies for Afrikan Victory

Mambo Dr. Ama Mazma

Mwikadilo Muya: An Ethic of Afrikan Victory

4:00 Pm EST

Breakout Session 5

Closed event | Must purchase “main room & breakout session” ticket and pre-register. ***Limited availability**

5:00 Pm EST

Plenary 9 | Strategies for Healing the Nation

Sister Lydia | Moderator

“Our women and what they think” | A tribute to Amy Jacques Garvey

  • Sister Lavinia
  • Sister Lori
  • Sister Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor
  • Sister Ayayi Fubara Eneli
6:15 Pm EST

Plenary 10 | Strategies for Feeding & Protecting the Nation

Omowale Afrika | Moderator

Reclaim the land by any means necessary/ Protect the land by any means necessary

  • Brother Kalonji Changa; FTP Movement
  • Brother Amari; HTNT Group
  • Phillip Smith; President of NAAGA
  • Balogun Ojetade; Afrikan Martial Arts
  • Vernon “Zeke” Jackson aka Attorney Awesome; Building Powerful Minds

Baba Mwalimu Baruti

Sounding the Akoben: A call towards Afrikan Manhood & Disciplined Warrior-hood

8:30 Pm EST

Closing prayer

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Our Featured Speakers

BABA mwalimu baruti

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Akoben House - Master Teacher

mama ama mazama

Per-aat - Afrocentricity International

Queen Mother Mashariki Jywanza

Female National Co-Chair of N'COBRA

Okunini Obadele Kambon

Head of the Language, Literature and Drama Section of the Institute of African Studies - University of Ghana

sesh Molefi Kete Asante

International Organizer for Afrocentricity International

Dr. Julius Garvey

Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon, Youngest Son of Marcus Garvey

A Few Words

About The Event Organizer

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Brother Omowale is a Garveyite, and grassroots institution builder, with over 14 years of student & community organizing experience.  Brother Omowale has served the local Philadelphia community in a variety of roles, including, as the former President of Marcus Garvey’s, UNIA & ACL – Division 121, and also as an Anti-Violence activist with Men United for a Better Philadelphia. 

He currently serves as the Vice-Shenuti for the Philadelphia Chapter of Afrocentricity International, where he oversees Youth Programming, and is responsible for managing the community outreach initiatives for the African Heritage & Cultural preservation fund. In addition to his organizing efforts, brother Omowale is a community lecturer, and lectures frequently on topics ranging from Black Self Determination to Afrikan Spirituality, with his most notable work being the Strike Drum Lecture series.

About Afrocentricity International

Afrocentricity International is a global African organization devoted to building consciousness for the uniting of the African continent and the international rise of a victorious consciousness in the Pan-African community. Based on the theory of Afrocentricity the organization seeks to advance information and interpretation about the African world in the United States, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Africa. Afrocentricity International is committed to the creation of a radical African consciousness that demands freedom, justice, and reciprocity throughout the world.

To this end we are dedicated to the African Renaissance, the unstoppable growth of African communities, and the revolutionary cultural and spiritual uplift of people who have been dislocated by nearly five hundred years of domination by Europeans and Arabs in Africa and throughout the world. Thus, Afrocentricity International is an organized movement for transformation at local, regional, national, and international levels. Already Afrocentricity International has attracted adherents and votarists from Africa, Europe, South America, and North America, who have given their support to an organization based on the best of African values.

Conference Planning Committee

Brother Omowale

Lead Organizer & Male Co-Chair

Sister Taheerah

Financial Lead & Female Co-Chair

Brother Karim

Event Production

Sister Wahida


Brother Kwadwo

Pre-recorded Content

Sister Adwoa

Public Relations

Brother Akili

Website Development

Sister Lydia

Plenary & Workshop Scheduling

Brother Frank

Graphic Design & Marketing

Sister Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor

Social Media Strategy

Brother Kiamuya

Pre-Production Assistant

Sister Tamu

Pre-Production Assistant

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